How to listen to the new Apple TV with a Bluetooth speaker

Posted March 24, 2018 08:05:18 The Apple TV is a streaming box that lets you stream music, video, podcasts, and TV shows from your Apple TV.

But that’s only the beginning.

Apple is also working on a new Bluetooth speaker.

The company has revealed that it is working on Bluetooth speaker, which could be called a Bluetooth Speaker.

According to Apple, the new Bluetooth Speaker will allow for a more advanced listening experience than the existing Bluetooth speaker that it introduced last year.

The Bluetooth Speaker is designed to use Bluetooth technology to pair with your Apple device, which can be used for apps, voice control, and more.

While the Apple TV has been available in a number of colors for years, it’s never been a truly portable speaker.

However, the company has said that it plans to introduce the new version of the Apple Bluetooth speaker in 2017.

We already know that the Bluetooth Speaker uses Bluetooth technology, and the company says it will be able to support new Bluetooth speakers in 2017, as well.

The Apple Bluetooth Speaker does not have an IR port or a built-in microphone.

It does, however, have a built in microphone.

You can use the microphone to control the speaker, as long as you have a Bluetooth-enabled device.

This is the second time that Apple has announced a Bluetooth speakers, and it looks like it will continue to expand on this strategy.