‘I think I’ll quit’: New Jersey woman with ADHD loses her job after being fired

NEW JERSEY — A woman who was fired after posting an online video of herself sleeping on the couch in her apartment was shocked when she was let go from her job at a New Jersey department store, a spokesperson said Tuesday.

Rachel Hausman, 39, of the New Jersey City borough of Morris was fired Friday after her supervisor heard about the video she made of herself lying on the sofa in her Brooklyn apartment, said Liz DeAngelo, a spokeswoman for Macy’s.

The company said it had a policy against people using their work computers for inappropriate purposes, and that Hausmen had no prior record.

Hausmann was hired to be a part-time cashier at the department store in October 2014.

DeAngelo said the company has “zero tolerance” for harassment and misconduct and takes any allegations of harassment seriously.

The video posted last year showed Hausmans sitting on the floor of her apartment with her head resting on her hands, a cigarette in her mouth and her head on a bed, and her legs crossed.

Hartsons face was covered by a blanket and she was wearing headphones.

She was working on an online business with her boyfriend.

Deangelo said the video was shared with her by a former coworker and a former colleague at another store.

She said Hausmants family had been supportive.

“She was so kind to us and we wanted to take care of her,” DeAngelo said.

“The fact that it went viral and made her a household name made us realize that she was a person who had the potential to make a difference in the world.

We are so proud to be her family.”

Hausmans family did not respond to a request for comment.

She was suspended from the department stores duties at Macy’s and J.C. Penney stores, the company said in a statement.

Hansman was promoted to a full-time store manager in May, DeAngelo added.

She has worked at the company for nearly three years and has been an employee of the company since June 2013, she said.

De Angelo said Hansmans experience in the store “gave her a unique perspective of the business environment” and helped her become a more positive and well-adjusted employee.

She’s also a member of the Hudson Valley Youth Center in Hudson, Deangelo said.

Hausman has worked as a cashier for the department at the Macy’s store in Hudson since 2014.

She will be back working in the department starting July, she added.

The department store had no comment.