Man arrested after he was spotted wearing ‘surgical gloves’

A man has been arrested after police said he was seen wearing surgical gloves while he and another woman were allegedly in a public toilet at a hospital in the Melbourne suburb of Ballarat.

Key points:A police officer was called to the hospital where the incident occurredThe woman was treated and releasedThe woman told police the man was her boyfriendThe man is now in police custodyThe police officer called police to the Ballarat Hospital on Friday to report a woman’s condition.

She told officers she was at the toilet when she felt a sharp pain on her arm and then heard her partner screaming and her partner hitting the toilet bowl.

“She felt the same as me and my partner but I didn’t know if she was OK or not because it was so loud,” the woman said.

“When she went to the toilet she saw a man with surgical gloves.”

He put the gloves on and he put on surgical gloves.

“The woman said the man then turned around and walked out of the toilet with the woman, who was still inside.

She said the woman called the police but they did not arrive until the next day.”

I didn’t even know they were there until they showed up the next morning,” she said.

Police said they had contacted the woman’s partner to ask him to take the man into custody.

The man, who has not been named, is described as black in appearance, approximately 180 centimetres tall and of medium build.