GOP’s Pin Up Girl, Convex Eyeball Contest, Pin Up Contest ‘Unbelievable’

Pin Up Girls are coming to the big time!

The latest Pin Upgirl contest is getting a huge boost with an estimated 4.4 million viewers watching, according to Nielsen.

The competition pits a contestant in a “pin up” pose against a celebrity that has an eye that looks like it has a “convex” shape.

The contestant then has to paint the shape on their body.

This contest, sponsored by beauty brand Kmart, will be running through January 28.

The winner will be awarded a “Pin Up Girl” pin and the opportunity to participate in a future fashion show.

The contest is being filmed in New York, California and Pennsylvania.

In this competition, the contestants have to use their own imagination to achieve the contoured, contoured eye.

The “convolution” and “convergence” eye look perfect for this competition.

“There are some of the best models out there, and you know you’re on the right page when you see them come through the makeup contest,” said Kristen Raskin, senior creative director at Kmart.

“They’re really well-rounded, and they’re looking for a way to express themselves through makeup.”

“If you’re looking to be a pin up girl you want to make sure you have a good eye shape,” she added.

For the contest, contestants will have to come up with three designs of their own, which will be judged on their ability to paint a contoured shape on the pin.

Each contestant will be required to draw their own eye shape.

In the contest description, the contestant has to write about why they are going for the pin up contest.

For example, the winner of the contest can write, “I’m looking to get a pinup, and I want to create a line in my face that is more contoured.”

Contestants will be competing in “Kmart Pin Up Awards,” which are given out to contestants who come in with the most creative designs for a brand.

Contestants have to draw an eye shape that they would use for a pin.

Contestant Kmart’s Pin-Up Girl Contest is the latest in a series of beauty contests launched by Kmart in 2016, including the Pin Up Show, the Pin-up Girl Contest and the Pin Ups Beauty Show.

The company launched the first beauty contests in 2016 and has since launched dozens more.

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