How to keep your cooped up during the Super Bowl

Co-host Julia Child’s Twitter account had just over 10,000 followers when she went on a lengthy Twitter rant about the Super Sunday show. 

The episode of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” in which Ms Child’s co-hosts hosted a special edition of the show included a segment called “Super Bowl Special”, which featured a mock Super Bowl game, as the hosts of a game show played in the living room.

“We are the hosts and you are the guests,” Ms Child said. 

“You are watching the game on TV and you’re like, ‘Wow, this is great’, and we are like, no, this doesn’t work.

It’s not even funny.

It doesn’t have a punchline.” 

“Super Bowl” is a series of mock mock Superbowl games that have been shown on the show since 2003. 

In one segment, the hosts – all of whom were co-starring – played a game of “Rage”. 

“This is a game we are playing in the hotel suite,” the hosts said.

“The game is going to be on TV.

And when the game is on, the other guests are going to take their seats in the suite.

The game will be broadcast live on CNN.

And then we are going through the game.

And we are all going to get dressed up and we’re going to go into the suite to celebrate our victory.” 

A mock “Super” game is then played, with the hosts dressed as their celebrity co-stars. 

On the “Super,” the game hosts are forced to perform in the Superbowl theme song, which was performed by a celebrity co. star in a bikini. 

As the game goes on, viewers can see a montage of celebrities in their costumes dancing to the music of the song. 

It has been described as a “soul-crushing” montage. 

Ms Child, who is a celebrity of sorts in the world of sports, has since deleted the tweet.

“The game has been cancelled and the game has not been shown for the rest of the Super,” Ms Children said.

“You have a great job here at CNN, but this has been a bit of a mistake.”

I apologise unreservedly.

And I will do everything I can to avoid this happening again.” 

When asked by ABC News if she had ever been asked to perform the song in a Superbowl game, Ms Child replied: “No, no I have not”.

Ms Child’s tweets were shared over more than 3 million times on the social media site.

A spokeswoman for Ms Child, Sarah Dutton, said the comedian had not been given the opportunity to perform on “Super”.”

She’s a regular guest on ‘The Late Late Show’, and she does have a lot of guests that she likes to be in the house with, so she was invited,” Ms Dutton said.

The spokeswoman said Ms Child had been invited to perform at the Super, but she had been “slightly embarrassed”.”

We will be going back to our normal routine and hosting a normal show,” she said.