How to ‘up freight’ with a meme: The Up Up-Fork

A viral photo of a man dressed in a suit riding a bicycle up a freight train has been gaining traction in the US and UK. 

The man, identified only as Mr. L, was riding up the train at the Washington-Baltimore freight station on Friday, but it has since been retweeted over 50,000 times and shared more than 1 million times.

“When I get to the top, I am going to take my bicycle, jump off, and ride up the rail,” he said, holding up the device that he used to ride the train.

“This is my way to get to where I need to go, to see friends and family and do things I love.”

Mr. L says he was riding his bike along the track to take pictures of the trains’ trackside signs and other landmarks.

He was wearing a suit and carrying a mobile phone, which he used as a selfie stick, he told reporters at the station.

“I’m happy to have a platform, I’m happy for people to have something like that to express themselves,” Mr. K said.

“People are always looking for ways to express their feelings and they find these things funny or interesting, they find things that they can relate to,” he added.

The man said he was not a stranger to the train station, having been riding there for years.

He has also posted videos of himself jumping off trains, including a video he made of himself on a train with friends in 2014.

“It’s a very interesting platform, it’s a unique place to be,” he told The Times.

“To have a little bit of fun, you know, take pictures, do whatever you want.

You know, you can do anything on it.”

The man’s comments sparked a debate on social media.

Some questioned why he would want to “up freight” at the tracks and said it was disrespectful to other passengers.

“Do you think this guy will be happy that he was up freighting the trains?

I think theres a lot of people that have the ability to take their pictures and take their video and upload it to social media, why is this not allowed?,” one user said.

Others defended the man, saying he was simply taking a selfie with his friends.

“Theres a whole generation of young kids out there that grew up with the internet and have never seen it, they don’t have a camera in their pocket,” one of the commenters said.

“If they want to go out and take a selfie on the tracks, it is their right to do so.”

Mr K told The New York Times he didn’t want to comment on the incident but added that he would like to see more people up freight.

“My goal is to have more people take selfies and have the opportunity to express yourself,” he wrote.

“So if we have this technology that allows us to share our thoughts with each other, I think it is going to be a great thing for our society.”

As a society we need to work on creating that social space where people feel safe to share their thoughts and emotions.

How to handle the break-up,hang-up tweet,divorce,divide up

The following is a list of phrases that can be used to communicate to your partner when you have a breakup.

Be sure to also follow these guidelines:Do not use the word “divorce” to describe the breakup, divorce, separation, separation and separation of marriage.

Do not use any terms or terms of endearment that describe you as the husband or wife.

Do not tell your partner that you are breaking up with them, and that you will not be seeing them again.

Do use common language to communicate with your partner about your feelings.

For example, you may use a common term for the breakup.

Do use common terms like “break up,” “end of marriage,” “divorced,” “break-up plan,” “separate,” “disengaged,” “leave,” “retire,” “plan to retire,” “to-do list,” “time to plan,” and “plan for life.”

Do not refer to your breakup as a “breakup.”

Do not refer the breakup as your “final goodbye.”

If your partner says something like, “You’re so good to me.

You’re like my best friend,” you need to say, “No, you’re not.”

It is very important to keep in mind that it is normal for people to break up with their partners.

It is not the end of the world.

Your partner has the right to make choices about whether they want to continue living together.

However, if they want you to stay, you are not going to be breaking up, and your partner has no right to tell you otherwise.

Your partner has a right to have any sexual relationships they wish with you, no matter what you do.

Your husband or husband-to-be has a legal right to any sexual contact they wish, including kissing and cuddling.

Your spouse has a constitutional right to privacy, which includes the right not to be filmed, photographed, or recorded.

You have the right of access to your spouse, but you should not expect to be the only person who can see you.

Your spouse may not ask you questions or discuss your feelings, even if they say they are in your best interest.

They may not tell you about how they feel about your relationship.

They have a right not make you feel uncomfortable.

They are not your parents or guardians.

They can give you information about your mental health or to seek help if you are having problems.

Your wife or husband may ask you if you would be okay with them using the phone at the end and texting while you are at work, or talking on the phone while you’re at work.

Do NOT use the phone in a crowded environment.

Do make sure that your phone is locked and not connected to the internet.

If you are in a meeting or other important activity, do not use your phone.

Do keep in contact with your spouse through a text message or phone call.

This is your most important way to stay in touch.

Do stay in contact by email or text message to make sure they are available to talk.

Do also check in with them regularly by calling them or going to their house to check in on them.

Your husband or spouse may tell you that they want or need to talk about their relationship with you.

This may sound very personal, and you may not be able to say no.


do NOT tell your husband or partner that it would be better to talk to a counselor.

You should tell them that you want to talk, but that you do not want to hurt their feelings.

They should be able, however, to say that they are not in the best position to discuss it.

Do make sure your spouse has been in touch with you and that your parents are aware of your situation.

Do take time to talk with them about what is happening.

Your parents should be very supportive.

Your wife or spouse should also be in touch, especially if your husband has been drinking or has a history of alcohol or drug use.

Make sure you get support and help from a trusted adult.

You should be in communication with your wife or partner about any possible problems that may be brewing between you.

Make it clear that you feel comfortable and you are willing to talk through any issues.

Do try to stay on good terms with your husband and your spouse and be in constant communication about your issues and what is going on.

The sooner you are able to talk more openly and freely, the sooner you will be able get through to your husband.

Do listen to your feelings and let them guide your choices.

Do listen to the words your husband says and listen to his actions.

Do ask questions and get help if needed.

If your husband breaks up with you after you have broken up with him, do take the time to let him know what happened.

You can ask him to try to find someone else who would be willing to continue seeing you. If he

‘I think I’ll quit’: New Jersey woman with ADHD loses her job after being fired

NEW JERSEY — A woman who was fired after posting an online video of herself sleeping on the couch in her apartment was shocked when she was let go from her job at a New Jersey department store, a spokesperson said Tuesday.

Rachel Hausman, 39, of the New Jersey City borough of Morris was fired Friday after her supervisor heard about the video she made of herself lying on the sofa in her Brooklyn apartment, said Liz DeAngelo, a spokeswoman for Macy’s.

The company said it had a policy against people using their work computers for inappropriate purposes, and that Hausmen had no prior record.

Hausmann was hired to be a part-time cashier at the department store in October 2014.

DeAngelo said the company has “zero tolerance” for harassment and misconduct and takes any allegations of harassment seriously.

The video posted last year showed Hausmans sitting on the floor of her apartment with her head resting on her hands, a cigarette in her mouth and her head on a bed, and her legs crossed.

Hartsons face was covered by a blanket and she was wearing headphones.

She was working on an online business with her boyfriend.

Deangelo said the video was shared with her by a former coworker and a former colleague at another store.

She said Hausmants family had been supportive.

“She was so kind to us and we wanted to take care of her,” DeAngelo said.

“The fact that it went viral and made her a household name made us realize that she was a person who had the potential to make a difference in the world.

We are so proud to be her family.”

Hausmans family did not respond to a request for comment.

She was suspended from the department stores duties at Macy’s and J.C. Penney stores, the company said in a statement.

Hansman was promoted to a full-time store manager in May, DeAngelo added.

She has worked at the company for nearly three years and has been an employee of the company since June 2013, she said.

De Angelo said Hansmans experience in the store “gave her a unique perspective of the business environment” and helped her become a more positive and well-adjusted employee.

She’s also a member of the Hudson Valley Youth Center in Hudson, Deangelo said.

Hausman has worked as a cashier for the department at the Macy’s store in Hudson since 2014.

She will be back working in the department starting July, she added.

The department store had no comment.

How to get your own ‘Top Gear’ Top Gear Up Close trailer

In October 2015, Top Gear producer James May told the Daily Telegraph that he was “not planning to make another Top Gear” and instead would focus on a new TV series, which he described as a “biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life”.

“We’ve got some pretty big projects going on right now,” he added.

“We’re all in the middle of it, but the big thing is Top Gear is going to be bigger than any other show in the world.”

In October 2016, a report by the New York Times revealed that May had been asked to step down from the show.

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson had a series of private meetings with May to discuss the future of the show, but it was not until May announced his departure from the BBC in June 2017 that the Top Gear team were able to secure the rights to his name. “

I love being a producer and I’ve got a lot of other stuff going on.”

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson had a series of private meetings with May to discuss the future of the show, but it was not until May announced his departure from the BBC in June 2017 that the Top Gear team were able to secure the rights to his name.

Clarkson, whose contract expired in 2019, is due to appear in the next episode of the new series.

May’s departure came a week after Jeremy Clarkson, who has been suspended from Top Gear for two years for sexual harassment, was found guilty of causing “serious bodily harm” to a former colleague.

Clarkson and his Top Gear colleagues are expected to be presenters for the next series.