Why did the Lord say, ‘I will not lift the curtain of the tent’?

The Lord said to Moses, “I will no longer lift the veil of the house of the Lord, because it is the tabernacle of the covenant.”

Now the Lord did not lift it, because the curtain was not yet torn.

Moses answered the Lord and said, “How do you explain that which has been done to you?”

The Lord answered, “In the morning, the curtain will be torn, and I will open it and show you what the taber is.

Then you will understand what I am about to do.”

(Genesis 32:9–12.)

Now Moses went out and did as the Lord had commanded him, and when he returned, he saw a great darkness and a great confusion in the tabercourse.

And when he looked, it was darkness, darkness, and darkness.

And he said to the Lord.

“What is this?”

And the Lord said, The tabernacles are torn in two and the veil is torn in the midst of them.

Now the tabers are torn, the veil torn, so that they are not as one, but one is as many as the moon.

And Moses said, Where is the tent of meeting?

The Lord asked, “Where is the meeting of the tabestan?

Where is a place for the Lord to dwell?”

And Moses answered, The tent of the assembly is torn, for it is broken down and destroyed.

And the people of Israel said to each other, “The Lord is not the Lord of the tents, because they are torn down and broken down.”

And Moses went on looking, and he saw the tabero, and there was not one seat left on it.

And it was said to him, “Look here, Moses, the Lord is showing you something.

Take your seat and sit down there.”

But Moses said to his companions, “This is not what the Lord has commanded me to do, for if the Lord was to do it, it would be to make me a liar.”

So they sat down and Moses said.

“How can I be a liar if I know the Lord?”

And he looked around and saw that there were tents set up for the assembly, and it was impossible to find a seat.

And there was a man who had two sons, one who lived in the city and the other who was outside of it.

They said to one, “Take the one who is outside and go and live with him; take your son and bring him to him.”

So the man went to him and brought him back to the tent.

And that man came and sat down.

And then he said, Why do you say to me, ‘Why did the people who were with the Lord go away, and not the ones who were in the tents?’

What did the tent offer?

“The man answered, Why did you not bring the tent and offer it to the people and say to them, ‘Come and partake of it?

Do not forsake us because of our sins, for the tabering of the people is the Lord’s way; for the house has been torn down.'”

And Moses asked him, What does the Lord mean by the Lord doing this?

And he answered, What I have been telling you has been told to me in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

And now the Lord saw that he had spoken the truth, and the people were afraid and he said unto Moses, If you have any doubt as to the truth of what the prophet said, go and tell it to them.

And so Moses did that.

And as soon as he had told the people what the word of the prophet had said, they began to be amazed.

And they began weeping.

Then Moses said unto them, “Now is the time for us to depart from here and go into the city of David.”

And they said, Who are we to go into this city of God?

Where are we going?

Why are we leaving?

Why do we not go in and be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost?

And Moses gave them some of the tablets of the law, which he had found in the tent, and they said to their children, “What are you to do?

Go to your fathers in the land, your brothers in the wilderness, the sons of your fathers, and ask them if they are the children of God.”

So when the children heard this, they said: “We have been baptized and are going into the holy city of Jerusalem.”

And their father asked them, What is the name that is written on the tablet?

And they answered, God is my God, who brought me forth from the grave.

And their mother asked them the same question, and their father answered her, “We are going to the city that is not our father’s city.”

And her son asked, Why are you leaving us?

Where can we go?

So the children said to her, Why not go and see