This Is What I Did to Get Away From The Real World

Posted October 16, 2018 12:01:59The days of living in a fantasy world are over, as we are now, and we are entering the real world.

But that’s not all.

What’s happening in this reality is something new, something that is not just something that happened in our heads.

It’s happening to you.

The day of the new normal.

The moment that everything is normal again.

It feels so strange to be talking about a new normal, but it’s here, and there are many more of us.

What we know now about the new norm:The people we are.

The people we used to know, and love.

The way things used to be.

The ways we used and didn’t like them.

The feelings we had when we used them, and felt like we had to give them back.

The feelings we still have, and are feeling.

The pain, the tears, the fears, the guilt, the loneliness, the insecurity, the anger, the sadness, the confusion.

And we don’t even know how we feel.

But the truth is that we are not alone.

And in many ways, we are the only ones we know.

The people who have changed everything.

The ones who have made us what we are today.

The new normal is a thing.

And the world is now, for the most part, a normal place.

The New Normal is here to stay.

Why do so many people seem to get offended by memes?

A new meme is rising up online as a way to highlight the difficulties faced by people with autism.

The phrase ‘pump up the volume’ is being deployed as a simple way to demonstrate people with autistic spectrum disorders’ need for emotional support.

Al Jazeera’s Chris Morris reports from Canberra.