‘Unbreakable’ actress Olivia Munn’s Instagram Story is a Meme-Proof Beauty

Olivia Munns newest Instagram photo shows a smiley face as she poses on the beach in Malibu, California.

The caption reads: “In this moment, we are not alone.”

The caption goes on to show her embracing the sun, which is currently set for an early morning sun spot.

The photo was posted on Saturday.

Munn is best known for her roles as a child prodigy, a college student, and an adult superhero.

She has been featured in numerous movies and television shows including, The Lego Movie, Gossip Girl, American Dad, and Supergirl.

She has also appeared in movies such as, The Heat, and Gossip Girls.

Munn is currently shooting a documentary called Unbreakable which is set to premiere on February 6.