Why we’re so tired of all the ‘fake news’ in the news world

In the age of Trump, fake news is the new normal, according to a new survey.

In a survey conducted by the research firm Ipsos, the public is more divided over the quality of news than ever before.

According to the survey, the majority of respondents say they “worried” about the quality and accuracy of the news they read, while only about a quarter feel they have confidence in the media.

The majority of Americans (59 percent) say they’re “worrying” about “fake news” in the American media, according the Ipsos poll.

That compares to 41 percent who say the same about “mainstream news.”

A plurality (41 percent) of Americans say the media is “trying to influence the outcome of elections,” while a smaller majority (35 percent) think the media are “treating Donald Trump unfairly.”

Nearly a quarter (24 percent) said the media has been “tearing apart families,” while 22 percent said the same for the election.